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Contact Resistance 30mΩ Max.
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min.
Withstanding Voltage 1000 VAC rms 60HZ, 1min
Durability after 200 insertions
Contact Resistance
Plastic ABS or Polycarbonate Resin
Lead wire 26 AWG, 7 strand, UL1061 wire, Solid wire,YL, GL, RD, BK, WH, BL
Contact wire Phosphorus bronze alloy Plating Hard gold(15, 30, 50M-IN) over Nickel
Terminal ¾ Hard Brass. Tin plating
Screw Steel or Brass Nickel or Zn plating
Steel cover Steel or Stainless steel Polishing surface of Hair line,Clear vinyle of wrapper
Bracket Steel plate Zn or Nickel plating
Retention force 7.7kg Min
Crimping strength 2.2kg Min
Leadwire breaking strength 6kg Min(with PVC)
Contact mating force 350gr Min(2P), 500gr Min(4P), 800gr Min(6P),1000gr Min(8P)
Termination stripping 7.7kg Min